Ted's Café Catering

Read This Before You Call the Caterer

Congratulations, you’ve planned your first big event (or maybe it’s your 5th, 20th, 100th…), and now you’re ready to book the caterer.    You place the call, knowing exactly what you want — fajitas!  Then  the catering manager starts asking questions you weren’t prepared for and using words you don’t associate with food… isn’t chafing … Continued

Ted’s to Donate Meals for 5000 at Capitol

OKLAHOMA CITY – In light of the recent demonstrations at the Capitol, Ted’s Cafe Escondido is partnering with Operation Freedom and the Oklahoma Education Association to provide 5000 meals for demonstrators on Monday, April 9, 2018. Ted’s has previously committed to smaller donations to help those affected by the teacher strike, such as donating meals … Continued

“Made from Scratch” Revelation

If you’ve ever been to a Ted’s, you’ve no doubt heard the term “made from scratch” tossed around.  But what exactly does that mean?  Our commitment to high quality ingredients and meals that are made fresh every day is so ingrained into the Ted’s culture that we don’t always take the time to stop and … Continued